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Married to Amazement

Mary Oliver once wrote in her poem “When Death Comes”:

“When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.”

I agree. I agree. I agree.

But unfortunately, by the end of any given semester in school, my creativity and “amazement” tend to be squashed. Sometimes I try to write academic papers with some creative flair or at least a personal stake in the subject matter and periodically I write on this blog. Most of the time, however, I spend my semesters going to class, completing assigned reading and writing, creating study guides, replying to emails, and sitting idly on facebook in my spare time. That’s not so great for my soul or for the soul of anyone else who can empathize with this picture I once found online:

In contrast to the academic focus of my time at college, I’ve found myself (almost unintentionally) doing a number of creative things while on winter break. For instance:

– starting a William & Mary scrapbook
– cooking…sometimes even spontaneously and with no recipe at all!
– making a blanket with my mom…that will soon be donated to Project Linus
– playing piano
– mixing up the outfits I wear
– making a bit of newspaper blackout poetry
– hanging up comics in my room…and letting go of the thought that they look a bit “disorderly”
– reading outside rather than inside (so simple…and yet not something that I’m used to doing in Texas, perhaps because it’s hot so often)

I’m usually not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but increased creativity could make a huge difference. Creativity can quell depression and anxiety, provide a sense of purpose, and connect us with others and with God (just to name a few benefits). So perhaps I’ll make some kind of resolution — not to write a poem a day for a year like I’ve previously tried but to be creative somehow some way every day.

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