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First Quarter Faith

Something unexpected happened today. I was deeply inspired…wait for it…by a football analogy

Today at work some colleagues and I watched a video clip of a sermon called “Last Minute God.” My colleagues, all at least 10-20 years older than myself, then described seasons of their lives when God had seemingly shown up at the “last minute” after they’d spent many years waiting and wondering.

My boss, who I’m quickly learning has an interest in college football, brought up the recent BCS championship between Florida State and Auburn, in which Florida State was significantly behind during the first half but caught up by the end and won.

“Any of us could be like that too,” she encouraged. “You could be worried about something, things could look rough…but you’re just in the first half of your game.”

Then, she gestured at me. “My goodness, you’re just in the first quarter!”

First quarter? I’d never thought that way.

I think too often we view milestones, such as a graduation, as the end of the game rather than the end of part of the game. It’s as if we see freshman year as the first quarter, sophomore year as the second quarter, and so on, all the while aiming to get a diploma that says we won. In the grand scheme of things, however, graduating doesn’t signify “You won!” but rather “You’ve warmed up. Now go play.”

If, like me, you’re young and prone to worry about the future (or even if you’re old and worry about the future — after all, we’re all young if we take eternity into account), keep playing. You’re just in the first quarter. 

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