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Things I Don’t Know

Bloggers don’t talk much about things we don’t know. We tend to nestle into a niche and become quite the know-it-all about it. So, to remind myself of how much I have yet to learn and to be real frank with any readers out there, here’s a list of things I don’t know (but might like to learn):

  1. How to ride a bike. Yep, it’s true. I don’t know.
  2. How to cook steak — or just about any meat for that matter.
  3. How to preach a sermon. Good thing I’m planning to go to seminary.
  4. How to understand some biblical Greek and Hebrew. Ditto what I said for #3.
  5. How to publish a book. Now THAT’S something I want to learn.
  6. How to discuss politics intelligently. Social issues I can sort of handle. But, on economic and international issues, I just don’t know enough to form a stance.
  7. How to make some sense of the insides of my car. I jump-started my car battery with help from a roommate earlier this year and was sure glad for the roommate. Left to my own devices, opening the hood of the car feels like opening a can of Spaghetti-Os.
  8. How to understand HTML code — without getting a headache!
  9. How to read a William Faulkner novel without falling asleep. Or Hemingway. Or Melville. God only knows how I managed to ace American Lit in college.
  10. How to manage my anxiety independently. Support systems are awesome, but people can’t always be there right when panic strikes. I’m working on preventing anxiety through healthy living and addressing anxiety when it strikes through breathing, meditation, and centering prayer.
  11. Most of the things that the New York Times crossword puzzle expects me to know.
  12. The future. Despite reading and writing about vocational discernment with unusual frequency, I definitely do not know the future. And that’s OK.

And the list could go on. It’s humbling to remember that there’s a great deal I don’t know and exciting to remember that, in time, there’s a great deal I could learn. question-mark-face

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