On disappointment, coronavirus, & the third Sunday of Easter

Yesterday's lectionary gospel text, assigned for the third Sunday of Easter, has long been a favorite of mine. Ever since 2012 or so when I came across this blog post by Andrew Byers, author of Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint, which draws attention to this phrase: "We had hoped." "We had hoped… Continue reading On disappointment, coronavirus, & the third Sunday of Easter


Beauty Will Save the World

It's possible that I already have a blog with this same title, some years back when I was more actively artistic. It's a line from Fyodor Dostoevsky that has captivated me for years. Back in college when I studied English with a creative writing concentration or after college when I worked with Art House Dallas,… Continue reading Beauty Will Save the World

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Pentecost on the Psych Ward

A couple weeks ago, I started working as a chaplain intern in a psychiatric hospital. My Sundays suddenly look like worship in a hospital cafeteria, where 50-60 patients shuffle in and together form a shifting blend of prayers, songs, tears, laughs, and shouts, slightly different from moment to moment and week to week. There's an… Continue reading Pentecost on the Psych Ward