On the Edge of Faith

The Roots of Encouragement


Words on Wordlessness — selected among Sojourners’ 100 Sermons on Domestic and Sexual Violence

The Mudroom

For When I Want to Leave Church

The Mighty

The Smart Phone App Helping Me Get ‘Smart’ About My Emotions (August 2017)
5 Things I’m Reminding My Anxious Mind This School Year (August 2016)
When Someone Says “We Need To Talk” (July 2016)

EA Resources

Multi-generational Ministry for the Holidays (December 2016)

Fare Forward

Spiritual Realism in T.S. Eliot’s “Journey of the Magi” (January 2016)
Accidental Ethics: A Review of Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Accidental Saints (October 2015)

Art House Dallas

Imagine Everyone: A Reflection on Art House Dallas’ Five-Year Anniversary Celebration (November 2015)

Episcopal Café

An Order of Conversion (August 2015)

Episcopal Diocese of Dallas

Discerning One’s Future (February 2015)

Church of the Incarnation

Foot Washing for the 21st Century (April 2015)
Thanks Be to God (November 2014)

Conversations Journal

From “Me” to Meekness (May 2014)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

Finding Freedom From Shame (February 2017)
What in the World Is Eternal Life? (March 2016)
3 Tips for Finding Community (February 2016)
An Anchor for Life in the In-Between (June 2015)
3 Traits of a Good Leader (May 2015)
The Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness (February 2015)
When Church Hurts (September 2014)
Why Every Job Is Ministry (September 2014)
Jesus Didn’t Just Say to “Like” Our Neighbors (June 2014)
Joseph and My Amazing Technicolor Graduation Obsession (March 2013)
Loving Your Neighbor Includes Loving Yourself (February 2012)
Taking Jesus Home With You  (December 2011)
Jesus Is Like a Pancake (April 2011)


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