Rates and Insurance

In-Network Insurance
I am an in-network provider with many Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plans, including…
• North Carolina State Health Plan
 Blue Home with UNC Health Alliance
 Classic Blue
 Blue Advantage
 Blue Options
 Blue Select
 Blue Value
 Blue Care
• If you have a Blue plan from another state (not NC), you may be able to use your in-network benefits.

If you are covered by one of the plans listed above, I should be able to accept your insurance as an in-network provider. Because of this, the amount you would pay each session would be lower than my private pay fee. This amount is set by your insurance company, based on your specific plan benefits. It may be different depending on whether or not you have met your plan’s yearly deductible.

Out-Of-Network Insurance
If you have health insurance but are not covered by one of the Blue Cross Blue Shield plans listed above, you may be eligible to use your health plan’s out-of-network benefits.

When using out-of-network insurance coverage, you would pay the full private pay rate each session (see below). I could then submit the claims to your insurance company. Your insurance company would then decide whether or not (and how much) they are willing to reimburse you.

Learning About Your Insurance Coverage
If you are planning to use your insurance, I strongly encourage you to call the member support number on the back of your insurance card. A representative from your insurance company can explain how mental health services are covered by your plan, whether or not you have met your yearly deductible, and what it would cost to see a mental health care provider.

Private Pay
My standard rate is $135 per session.
You would pay a lower rate if you have BCBS insurance (see above).

Sliding Scale
I am able to meet with a limited number of clients by sliding scale (reduced fee) agreement. My sliding scale range is $60–$100 per session.
If we agree to sliding scale, you would pay the same amount each session.
I am not able to offer sliding scale to clients who have BCBS insurance.