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Jesus Heals a (Sort Of) Paralytic

Paralysis by analysis: the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. ~~~~~~~~~~ I used to be paralyzed. In the paralysis by analysis sense, I mean. While wrapping up my undergraduate degree and for several months thereafter, I had a variety of options -- too… Continue reading Jesus Heals a (Sort Of) Paralytic

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If the Shoe Don’t Fit

If the shoe don't fit...wear it. That's not how the saying goes. But I think, in some cases, that's reality. When you try on a new pair of shoes in a store, there's some discomfort. You wiggle your toes, inspect with your eyes, stand up, pace the aisles...and make a decision as to whether or… Continue reading If the Shoe Don’t Fit

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Life Is Like a Novel

I used to think life was like an anthology. Now I think it's more like a novel. Anthologies present one unrelated story at a time. You read a chapter, close it, and don’t need to return to it. Because the next chapter introduces new characters, new scenes, new story. We’re talking realistic fiction in one… Continue reading Life Is Like a Novel

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Imagination and Fear of the Future

A black hole of nothingness. That's how one of my college roommates once described life after college. She couldn't see what came after graduation, so all she could picture was...nothing. And, secretly, for quite a while, I agreed. Despondent, I would stare into a blank journal or a career aptitude test or the face of… Continue reading Imagination and Fear of the Future