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The Gap Year(s): Why I’m Glad I’ve Taken Time Off From Higher Education

When I graduated from college, countless classmates were headed to grad school -- M.Eds, MDs, MBAs, MAs, MDivs, you name it. Well-intentioned professors urged me to do the same. I wanted to be a people-pleaser (and certainly a professor-pleaser!) as always...but just couldn't shake the feeling that for some reason I wasn't ready yet. Embarrassed, I moved home to my parents' house (and later… Continue reading The Gap Year(s): Why I’m Glad I’ve Taken Time Off From Higher Education

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"This doesn’t last forever"

This video, posted on TWLOHA's tumblr today, struck me as an apt metaphor for college years:"This doesn't last forever," this coffee artist says, "and that's what makes it special."He claims that his only artistic medium is coffee art (no paint, pencil, clay) for 2 reasons:It's more about the process than the outcome.It's more about serving… Continue reading "This doesn’t last forever"

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A Stressful "Race to Nowhere"

Coincidentally, last week I wound up watching 2 documentaries about stress in one day: a documentary called "Stress: Portrait of a Killer" for my Health Psychology class and a popular documentary called "Race to Nowhere" at a showing on campus. Here's the trailer for the latter: According to the film's website: "Featuring the heartbreaking stories of… Continue reading A Stressful "Race to Nowhere"

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The Free-Spirited Achiever: A Collegiate Oxymoron?

As I described on this blog January 2nd, I got rather creative during my recent time-off from academia and decided that "perhaps I'll make some kind of resolution...to be creative somehow some way every day." Has that resolution panned out? Well, it's a hard resolution to gauge, but I don't think it's going so well. Despite reflecting over… Continue reading The Free-Spirited Achiever: A Collegiate Oxymoron?