Beauty Will Save the World

It's possible that I already have a blog with this same title, some years back when I was more actively artistic. It's a line from Fyodor Dostoevsky that has captivated me for years. Back in college when I studied English with a creative writing concentration or after college when I worked with Art House Dallas,… Continue reading Beauty Will Save the World

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On Orientation

orientation noun ori - en - ta - tion \ ȯr-ē-ən-ˈtā-shən : a person's feelings, interests, and beliefs : a main interest, quality, or goal : the process of giving people training and information about a new job, situation, etc. I have a very intelligent friend who has done research in medical anthropology, with a focus on… Continue reading On Orientation

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There Is Nothing New

It's January 31, 2016. The new year has undeniably settled in. And with it some new inspiration...maybe? On December 31, 2015, I officiated evening prayer at my church and read aloud the day's assigned New Testament lesson from Revelation 21, which says in part: "He who was seated on the throne said, 'I am making… Continue reading There Is Nothing New

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De-mystifying Antidepressants, Part II: An Artist’s Perspective

"Treating my depression will make me boring." I've heard friends and students say this plenty of times, and might have thought it myself. Why do we equate medicine with mediocrity? Why do we think more health could mean less talent? Maybe because of what I'll call "Sylvia Plath syndrome." We learn in English class that Sylvia Plath (or… Continue reading De-mystifying Antidepressants, Part II: An Artist’s Perspective

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Rethinking Church & Creativity

Myth #3: Structure inhibits creativity. I used to think that structure in church, especially scripted prayers, left no room for creativity. If everyone's following a script, I assumed, they aren't really thinking about what they're saying and might not even mean what they're saying. Even if they do mean it, after following the same script… Continue reading Rethinking Church & Creativity