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Happy (Still) Easter

I know, I know. Easter blogs were supposed to happen a month ago. It's not that I procrastinated exactly (although maybe I did). It's just that it's still Easter. And that's fascinating to me. As I've settled into the relatively-new-to-me rhythms of the Episcopal tradition perhaps more than ever this year, I've noticed the continuation of… Continue reading Happy (Still) Easter

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What in the World Is Eternal Life?

This was originally posted on the blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. I used to know someone who hated the song “Amazing Grace.” The first few verses were fine enough, he said, but then he would get to the last stanza -- the one about eternal life -- and freeze. When we’ve been there ten thousand… Continue reading What in the World Is Eternal Life?

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“Why Are You Weeping?”

Several years ago, I went to see a therapist, and she gave me a sheet full of adjectives that looked like this:  To use a word from the chart, I was baffled! It took years to realize that this wasn't a vocabulary lesson but a valuable practice. Too often we don't realize what on earth… Continue reading “Why Are You Weeping?”


The Peace That Has Been Made: What Easter Says to Self-Injury

A lot of people associate Easter time with bunnies and eggs, sunrise services and songs, a cross and an empty tomb. I have all of those associations too. But I also associate Easter time with something else: self-injury -- and the freedom from self-injury that I believe God offers through the death and resurrection of… Continue reading The Peace That Has Been Made: What Easter Says to Self-Injury

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*class assignment to write 2 pages titled "unfood"When my writing professor changed the topic of our latest assignment from “On Loss” to “On Food” (“except, by the way, you should call your piece ‘unfood’”), I felt confused at first. “Unfood” isn’t even a word, I thought.But, as I thought, I realized: experiencing loss and not… Continue reading Unfood