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What in the World Is Eternal Life?

This was originally posted on the blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. I used to know someone who hated the song “Amazing Grace.” The first few verses were fine enough, he said, but then he would get to the last stanza -- the one about eternal life -- and freeze. When we’ve been there ten thousand… Continue reading What in the World Is Eternal Life?

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The Reality of Difficulty

During an undergraduate religion course, I attended a lecture by the prominent theologian Stanley Hauerwas. He spoke of ethics and animals, vegetarianism and violence. But, again and again, he circled back to the phrase: "the difficulty of reality." The phrase, which he attributed to a paper by Cora Diamond, refers to a reality "painful in its… Continue reading The Reality of Difficulty

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Choose Life: Because Christ Is "Coming My Way"

This has been a hard week for a lot of people.About 2 Fridays ago, megachurch pastor Rick Warren's son committed suicide at 27. Last Friday, author Brennan Manning passed away at 78. Monday, Boston happened. Tuesday, Virginia Tech was commemorated (perhaps especially at Virginia universities like mine). Although there's lots that I could read and lots that… Continue reading Choose Life: Because Christ Is "Coming My Way"

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On Grandmas and "Tattoo People"

I've been wearing the Greek word for grace on my forearm for 2 months now. I write it with a black ink pen, retracing it almost daily so that it doesn't wash away. For now I'm content, but it may become a tattoo before too long. The picture here is a bit blurry, but you… Continue reading On Grandmas and "Tattoo People"