On disappointment, coronavirus, & the third Sunday of Easter

Yesterday's lectionary gospel text, assigned for the third Sunday of Easter, has long been a favorite of mine. Ever since 2012 or so when I came across this blog post by Andrew Byers, author of Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint, which draws attention to this phrase: "We had hoped." "We had hoped… Continue reading On disappointment, coronavirus, & the third Sunday of Easter

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Don’t Say Goodbye; Say Thank You

Graduation-related events have started happening. Senior traditions, share nights, "lasts," "thank yous," and eventually "goodbyes."But mostly "thank yous."There was a lot of that at InterVarsity senior dinner tonight. One guy even went around the room and identified some memory or aspect of each of us that he admires. I could do that too -- for… Continue reading Don’t Say Goodbye; Say Thank You

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"This doesn’t last forever"

This video, posted on TWLOHA's tumblr today, struck me as an apt metaphor for college years:"This doesn't last forever," this coffee artist says, "and that's what makes it special."He claims that his only artistic medium is coffee art (no paint, pencil, clay) for 2 reasons:It's more about the process than the outcome.It's more about serving… Continue reading "This doesn’t last forever"