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Best of ’17

The past few years, at the end of the calendar year, I've posted a list of my favorite books read, blogs read, and blogs written. But I've been less actively blogging in 2017 and more actively writing other things (because, well, grad school!), as well as pretty actively living, learning, serving, and so on. So,… Continue reading Best of ’17

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A Daughter’s Ode to Fathers

I didn't really realize my father's role in my life until I was at least 22. (Sorry it took so long, Dad!) It was so everyday, so simple oftentimes, that I took it for granted. But, the everyday things matter because it's the everyday things that mean that, all tolled, I was and am cared… Continue reading A Daughter’s Ode to Fathers

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When I Was Five: Learning from Children In Belize

I recently returned from a mission trip to Belize, where my church in Dallas has partnered with an Anglican church in San Ignacio for 10 years. We do work at churches and schools around the Cayo district, providing Christian education, installing libraries, assembling jungle gyms and picnic tables, painting, repairing, and more. The trip lasted… Continue reading When I Was Five: Learning from Children In Belize


The Discipline of Gratitude

Gratitude is a good discipline to start with because it helps us acknowledge God's provision in the past and promised provisions in the future. It doesn't mean ignoring difficulties. It means seeing something other than difficulties. For instance, 2013 was often a confusing and discouraging year for me. It was tempting at times to not… Continue reading The Discipline of Gratitude

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Don’t Say Goodbye; Say Thank You

Graduation-related events have started happening. Senior traditions, share nights, "lasts," "thank yous," and eventually "goodbyes."But mostly "thank yous."There was a lot of that at InterVarsity senior dinner tonight. One guy even went around the room and identified some memory or aspect of each of us that he admires. I could do that too -- for… Continue reading Don’t Say Goodbye; Say Thank You