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Jesus, Take The Wheel (Of My Prayer Life)

Some people take prayer walks. I've been one of those people. But lately, I guess I take prayer drives. Day-to-day drives past joggers, bikers (of the Harley Davidson variety and the Lance Armstrong variety), construction workers, and panhandlers. Or longer road-trip drives like I took this weekend through the hills of rural Virginia. Inevitably, I… Continue reading Jesus, Take The Wheel (Of My Prayer Life)

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If the Shoe Don’t Fit

If the shoe don't fit...wear it. That's not how the saying goes. But I think, in some cases, that's reality. When you try on a new pair of shoes in a store, there's some discomfort. You wiggle your toes, inspect with your eyes, stand up, pace the aisles...and make a decision as to whether or… Continue reading If the Shoe Don’t Fit

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What I’ve Been Reading: Love Does

I used to think that a book I've been hearing about, Bob Goff's Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World, would be just another compendium of motivational sayings and self-help steps. But now I know it's an adventure story.That phrasing of "I used to think...But now I know..." is exactly how Goff… Continue reading What I’ve Been Reading: Love Does

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Revisiting "Love of Work": How to Love Unlovely Work

I just re-read my blog "Perfectionism and 'Love of Work'" from March 2013, which ended with the line: "'love of the work' may be one way to have high standards without perfectionism." That line begs the follow-up question: Can I have "love of the work" when I'm doing work I don't love? If so, how?  Yes,… Continue reading Revisiting "Love of Work": How to Love Unlovely Work

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Perfectionism and "Love of Work"

Last night I heard a hard-hitting talk about perfectionism at William & Mary InterVarsity large group. (Entire talk available here: gave me so much to think about that the topic could probably sustain me for at least 2-4 blog posts. So for right now I'm just going to set the stage with what perfectionism is, where… Continue reading Perfectionism and "Love of Work"