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An Update and a Sermon

Confession: I haven't written on the blog in over 2 months. Sorry, friends. In those months, I've been dedicating mental energy to transitions like moving to a new apartment and starting my second year of seminary, including an internship at a church and classes on Theology, American Christianity, Preaching, and Theology & Trauma (that last… Continue reading An Update and a Sermon

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On Grandpas and Books and the Ministry of Presents

A few weeks ago, I wrote here about visiting my maternal grandma in the hospital. In today's similarly-titled post, we get the story of visiting my paternal granddad at his home near Oklahoma City last weekend. (The significance of attending to the illness and aging of family alongside the joy and birth of the Christmas… Continue reading On Grandpas and Books and the Ministry of Presents


Rethinking Church Unity

As I said in my last post, I never¬†expected to take a confirmation class and join a very liturgical denomination, yet now I'm doing just that and loving it. Perhaps the most important way God's using this experience so far is to debunk some myths about church that I've held onto for years. Myth #1:… Continue reading Rethinking Church Unity