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Everyone’s talking about suicide…

and I hope we know some things about how to talk about it. Seriously, the prevalence of this topic in culture, media, social media, and just my own life this week has been astounding. The passing of celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain this week have been attributed to suicide. In the midst of that, a CDC… Continue reading Everyone’s talking about suicide…

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Get Up and Eat: A Sermon on Depression

As Mental Health Month draws to an's a sermon on depression that I offered toward the end of my preaching class Fall 2017. I don't suppose it's perfect, but I do believe it reflects something of God, God's Word, and God's activity in my life. *** A reading from 1 King 19:1-8. “Ahab told… Continue reading Get Up and Eat: A Sermon on Depression

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Prayers for Mental Health

I love that the Book of Common Prayer has specific prayers and thanksgivings for just about anything -- for travelers, for artists, for the unemployed, for the aged, and so on. But, I don't see many prayers looking closely at mental health. So, I decided to write a few. For a Person Experiencing Anxiety Heavenly Father,… Continue reading Prayers for Mental Health

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Choose Life: Because Christ Is "Coming My Way"

This has been a hard week for a lot of people.About 2 Fridays ago, megachurch pastor Rick Warren's son committed suicide at 27. Last Friday, author Brennan Manning passed away at 78. Monday, Boston happened. Tuesday, Virginia Tech was commemorated (perhaps especially at Virginia universities like mine). Although there's lots that I could read and lots that… Continue reading Choose Life: Because Christ Is "Coming My Way"