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Life Is Like a Novel

I used to think life was like an anthology. Now I think it's more like a novel. Anthologies present one unrelated story at a time. You read a chapter, close it, and don’t need to return to it. Because the next chapter introduces new characters, new scenes, new story. We’re talking realistic fiction in one… Continue reading Life Is Like a Novel

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First Quarter Faith

Something unexpected happened today. I was deeply inspired...wait for a football analogy Today at work some colleagues and I watched a video clip of a sermon called "Last Minute God." My colleagues, all at least 10-20 years older than myself, then described seasons of their lives when God had seemingly shown up at the… Continue reading First Quarter Faith

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"This doesn’t last forever"

This video, posted on TWLOHA's tumblr today, struck me as an apt metaphor for college years:"This doesn't last forever," this coffee artist says, "and that's what makes it special."He claims that his only artistic medium is coffee art (no paint, pencil, clay) for 2 reasons:It's more about the process than the outcome.It's more about serving… Continue reading "This doesn’t last forever"