Shifts in the Story: An Update on New Things Happening

Big things are happening in my life, friends! In June, I started a new job as part-time Blog Manager for EA Resources, a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping churches and parents to meet the needs of emerging adults. In this position, I get to create and/or curate content for the organization's blog, as well… Continue reading Shifts in the Story: An Update on New Things Happening

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An Idea That Won’t Leave Me Alone

Some months ago, I enjoyed a roundtable discussion with Dr. Greg Garrett, an English professor at Baylor University, along with a handful of writer friends. I remember asking him: "How do you know when you have an idea that could merit a book?" Not just a blog or blog series, as I and many in the 21st century have become accustomed… Continue reading An Idea That Won’t Leave Me Alone

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(W)ordinary Time: Learning To Cherish the “Ordinary”

Everyone knows about Easter and Christmas. But what about Ordinary Time? It's by far the longest season in the church calendar, observed by Christian liturgical traditions basically from Epiphany to Ash Wednesday (early January to early March, varying a bit based on the timing of Easter) and from Pentecost to Advent (early June to late… Continue reading (W)ordinary Time: Learning To Cherish the “Ordinary”

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Rethinking Church & Creativity

Myth #3: Structure inhibits creativity. I used to think that structure in church, especially scripted prayers, left no room for creativity. If everyone's following a script, I assumed, they aren't really thinking about what they're saying and might not even mean what they're saying. Even if they do mean it, after following the same script… Continue reading Rethinking Church & Creativity

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Therapeutic Writing

As I said in "Back in the Blogosphere," I need to write. The process and result of writing are helpful -- therapeutic even.I've experienced this phenomenon throughout life while studying creative and expository writing, as well helping teach it to adolescents for a couple summers. I've experienced it recently while blogging. And, recently I got… Continue reading Therapeutic Writing